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January 2007
Galerie 53, Simon-Dach-Straße, Berlin

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Microscapes are multi-purpose and variform miniature landscapes which insert themselves into larger structures. Their common characteristic is a fundamental peripheral bias; they are produced more or less spontaneously, with little effort and a certain pragmatic casualness, and are – if at all – only perceived in passing. Andrea Knobloch’s work for Galerie 35 in Berlin-Friedrichshain uses the medium of drawing to focus on the microscopic staging of nature-like structures created by the managers of the restaurants situated in the Simon-Dach-Straße to decorate the terraced extensions of their business into urban space. Reminiscent of paradisiacal exotic places, tropical plants eke out a precarious existence, facing negligence or overtaxing according to season. Taken as exemplary instances, they can be used to gauge the meanings and positions of cultivated and encultured nature in urban landscapes and for their inhabitants.

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