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February 2008
Salon des belles Utopistes
in der Ausstellung »Schöne neue Welt« in der Reihe STADTanSICHTEN
Wandzeichnung, Raum-Installation, Modelle, Zeichnungen
ifa Galleries Berlin and Stuttgart

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»Just as any basic research pushes the familiar achievements of the past towards an an unbiased - but also playful - examination of new and even far-fetched possibilities, thus Andrea Knobloch and Silke Riechert, with the multi-faceted permutations of the ›mindmaps‹ ranging from sculptural models to sizeable installations, infect the popular vocabulary of both artistic and social achievements with the fresh potential of modernism by means of mobile performances at the ›Salon des belles Utopistes‹‹ in which model figurines arrayed in a subversive mixture of classical modernism and contemporary consumer advertising act as enchantingly irritating decoys. It is this elaborate artistic competence in transforming socially relevant ideas into sensual actuality which, in the collaboration of Knobloch and Riechert, exemplarily displays the possibilities of contemporary artistic practice through social discourse. And thus the ›Rundkino‹ is transfigured from a historically categorized monument discounted by investors into a future-oriented model of dynamic social participation - also in art.«

»Social Participation in the Salon des belles Utopistes, or The Beauty of the Idea of Public Space«, Annelie Pohlen in: »Brave New World«, exhibition catalogue, ifa-Galleries Berlin and Stuttgart, 2008

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